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Beaver is the birth place of Butch Cassidy. 
It is close to Utah's most
beautiful national parks,
such as; Bryce National
Park 68 miles, Capitol
Reef National Park 175
miles, Escalante National
Monument 83 miles, Zion
National Park 106 miles,
Great Basin National Park, in Nevada
120 miles, and many
Updated: February 13, 2017
Quartz Posing

DOB: Sept. 3, 2003     Color:  White Huacaya
Quartz has a very gentle personality.  He has excellent conformation and fine dense fiber.
He is the son of Credo and Echo Mountain's Madeline, which are both ribbon winners.  Credo's shearing in 2000, was awarded Grand Champion Ribbon at the Taos Wool Festival.  In 2002,  Madeline won 2nd place at the Santa Fe Alpaca Show. 



Comet posing

Haylie's  Comet
DOB:   Aug. 6, 2003        Color:  White  Huacaya
     Comet is healthy and well developed with good conformation and dense fiber. 
He is the son of Credo and Jova's Valor.  He's very friendly, and enjoys greeting everybody.
Comet would make a fun pet.

Price:  $250




Madeline's Jasper
DOB:   Sept. 17, 2004     Color:   Light Brown 
Proven Male

  Jasper is tall and statuesque for his age.  His fleece is extremely soft and has a beautiful caramel color.  He has a sweet personality.  Jasper's histogram is 22.8 microns, and gives a lot of fiber at shearing time.  He is the son of Klondike and Echo Mountain's Madeline. 
Price: $1,000



Cute Medallion

Valor's Medallion
DOB:    Sept. 14, 2004      Color;   Light Brown   Huacaya
     Medallion has a darling masked face.  He has fine fluffy carmel fiber, and good conformation. 
His 2005 histogram is 24.1 microns.  He is the son of Klondike and Jova's Valor.
His small size makes him a darling pet, with good fiber quality.  
Price:   $250



Blanco Posing

Madeline's Blanco
DOB:  Sept. 16, 2005  color: White
   Blanco has a sweet personality.  He has a large and excellent body confirmation, and a possible hersire.
His fiber has a good crimp, soft and fluffy.  His micron count is 19.6. 
Price:  $2,000


Concho posing

Rio Concho
DOB: July 5, 2006     Color: Black
Proven Male

After shearing, Concho turned out to be a velvety black.  His father is Lola's Zhivago,
and mother is Mistys Angel.  He comes from a long line
of greys and blacks.  He has a very nice disposition and a beautiful
Price:  $1,000



Mas Cimarron 
DOB: Oct. 3, 2006
       Color: Medium Brown
Cimmaron is a young male with a beautiful brown colored fleece.
He has a good conformation and a nice disposition. 
His parents are Klon dike and Valor.

Price:  $250

Moonlight's Shalako
DOB: Nov. 15, 2008       COLOR: Medium Silver Grey
SIRE: Zhivago     DAM: Moonlight Miracle
Shalako looks just like his father Zhivago, who took 2nd place in the grey division at the National in Salt Lake City.
He has a wonderful personality, loves greeting everybody, and is curious about everything. His fleece is very fine.
Price: $1,000
Yukon King
DOB: July 28, 2008       COLOR: White
SIRE: Klondike              DAM: Jovas Valor
Yukon King looks just like his father, Klondike. Klondike, won 4th place at the Wild West Alpaca Show.
He has a sweet personality and has a very fine fiber.
Price:   $250
Rio Hondo - DOB: 2009, White, $250.00
Sierra's Bishop - DOB: 2010, Dark Fawn, SOLD
Sandia's Cocoa - DOB: 2010, Dark Brown, $250.00
Valient - DOB: 2009, Light Brown, $250.00
Himmeliah's Rusty - DOB: 2010, Light Brown, $250.00
Sandia's Taho - DOB: 2009, Dark Brown, $250.00
Zhivago - DOB: 2002, Light Silver Grey, awarded 2nd place ribbon at the 2005 Nathionals in the grey division.  (proven male) $10,000.
Klondike - DOB: 2000, White, (proven male), In 2003 he won 4th place in Vernal and 3rd place at the Wool Festival in Taos, New Mexico. $2,000.
Zia's Socorro - DOB: 2009, Dark Fawn, $250.00


Multiple Animal Discounts:  If you purchase two or more animals priced over $5,000 each, you can deduct 10% from purchase price.

Boarding:  Purchased animals can be boarded free within the first year of financing.  If after six months, there will be a charge of $5.00 a day.  All veterinary expenses will be charged to buyers at the date of contract signing. 


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Mineral Mountain Alpacas
Barney & LaJean Rieff
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Phone:  435-438-2834